An Element of Nature

One of the reasons I chose to be a Night Elf were the ties to nature. Every time I log on to play, my elf is placed in a very vibrant and nature filled environment. Most of my quests have dealt with cleaning up the polluted areas of the environment, or with helping others. The environment connects with the narrative in the fact that elves are all about nature. Elves help keep the balance alive in nature, this is where many of my quests come into play. Whether it be killing a diseased tree, or collecting blessed waters to heal a friend, Night Elves are constantly cleaning up/interacting with nature.

Of late I have been on more missions that border along the line of mercy kills. Putting once great creatures to rest that have become corrupted. Side note – the rewards are way worth almost dying! I for one, couldn’t believe the detail that this game includes! The tall grass moves as your character moves through it and all the elements look so real! It even started raining on me the other day! 

From what I’ve gathered, Night Elves are the guardians of nature. They fight the never ending battle against pollution and beings who do not take care of their surroundings. In a way, the Night Elves remind me of Native American Indians – with their love for Mother Nature and respect for the land. I think that’s all for today. Until next time. ~V


Thoughts? Opinions? Comments?

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