A Dungeon Survivor (sort of)

For those who had a panic attack – probably none of you – I am referring to a World of Warcraft (WoW) dungeon. Not an actual dungeon that the mind thinks of – at least I do. Anyway, onto the bigger picture.

Today in class, our teacher had a group of us (we were actually all Night Elves except for the teacher) meet up to go into a Dungeon. I wasn’t the tank or healer, and I am blanking on the actual term. Basically my job was to kill things and not die. Looks easier on paper, or in print. Let’s just say our first attempt was poorly thought out and we all died within seconds of engaging the enemy. After that we developed a system that seemed to work better as we went along. As far as our communications, since we were in the same room, most of it was verbal. Some people spoke in the chat pane but that was harder to do while trying to stay alive. We were in Stormwind City and did the dungeon that is located in the fort structure that is surrounded by the canals. Overall I would say our group worked pretty well together and all our communications were beneficial.

Source: http://quickdungeon.com/stormwind-stockade/

Entrance to the Stormwind City Dungeon. Source: http://quickdungeon.com/stormwind-stockade/

After completing the dungeon, I think it is safe to say we all could relax and breathe. But soon four of us (minus the teacher) were pulled into another dungeon. This one was completely different! First off, it reminded me of a dimension of Hell. You know how some describe how Hell has rings and the closer you get to the core, the more the torture/pain? Well that description fits this dungeon to a T. Us Night Elves, Alliance members, were dumped in this Forge Hell-pit in the hopes of getting some really cool armor, leveling up, and/or the cash prize. This dungeon there was no communication in the chat pane, but we were talking in the computer lab. It wasn’t a big deal until our healer died and then got lost in the caverns. In the end it was me and the other Night Elf hunter, plus our pets. Don’t worry, we eventually found our Tank (he had died) and the other random person in our group didn’t do anything. Our healer eventually found her way back. Which leaves me to explain how I sort of survived the Dungeon. As everyone was logging off, I decided to try a new spell/attack. Thought I had selected the less intimidating enemy. NOPE! Needless to say, I died and then promptly logged off.

And that’s it folks. No more WoW for my English class. The grand finale, if you will. Overall I felt I did my job today – and certainly killed enough enemies to prove my merit. I do have to share the credit with my tiger(?) Karma – yes I really did name her that, and my freakishly-large owl Lady. I’ll let you in on a secret – she is a real piece of work. Lashes out at me every time I call her; which isn’t often. It was the nicest name I could think to give an animal spirited as she is. Oh, and that last picture is the pit I died in. Or somewhere in those caverns.

Happy Halloween Month! ~V


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